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Eureka Farm-life School and James McConnell Memorial Hospital:

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of both sides of the body, sensation remained intact in the paralysed

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in the environment are air, food (and drink), and exercises,

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relief from pain, and that drawm, pinched expression was soon changed

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Prevention of Degenerative Diseases — Dr. L. Jack Smith 23

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stationary in one place for three or four days, and fading in the rear

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Dr. Lafferty, by a few slides, illustrated cardiospasm, showing dila-

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secretions deficient, and in others the skin is too moist and

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a Uttle thing, 8 inches in diameter and a quarter-inch

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We have here 179 epileptics, whch number is exceedingly small com-

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be to run the risk of failure from the patient sinking during or im-

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When the hands become affected, the person loses the consciousness

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sometimes as the seventh day — and being usually associated with

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that we were privileged to visit. The short time at our dis-

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the two retiring members. Dr. Thompson and Dr. Harris.

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was one of fracture of the tibia and fibula, and pre-

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example, be no stage of elevation (some malignant cases) ;

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wise, they become, through absorption, the source of a deadly general

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the care of her physician. He should not be unworthy of her confi-

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ImbeciUti/, and sometimes mania (as in typhoid fever), occur as

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prevention of surgical ailments. No doubt persons suffer-

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ence upon the inflammation in which the false membranes originate,

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before, or no particular exposure to cold, or wind, or rain.

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indirect. But whether the izanic, or shrunken, or con-

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gave medals, and a small pension, and then forgot all about them in

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cine in chronic cases and I think we have every evidence to support

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exercises and a wise regulation of the diet, in place of the

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ulceration reaching the peritoneal coat of the intestine, which it

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Plea for Cooperation Upon the Part of Physicians and the Public in

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of the correctness of the treatment. Thus, if the adviser

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You recollect the condition in which we found him on his arrival at

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general impressions carried less and less weight. Supporters of the

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can be torn off in strips : in this way I have removed from the uvula

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