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receive from six to tAventy or thirty salvarsans, depending on the case,
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^ Petee: — Article "Angines," in the Dicllonnaire EneycIopSdiqite des
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We may ask why the private practitioner should be supplanted by
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two physicians and a nurse in attendance was at the door.
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dismal statistics on which he based this opinion : the subjects observed
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sent to his home, a distance of six kilometers, whither he carried
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badly. Through the efforts of the Y. M. C. A. secretary and myself, we
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its object, but not in some of the phenomena and peculiarities which
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the other end of the village to assist her. From that time, typhoid
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still further. The process is plainly one of starvation, due
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were gorged and literally injected with fat ; sections
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employs a Chilean licensed physician to act ostensibly as chief.
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to feel ashamed of our honest differences in opinion,
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in this branch of medical science. It is a notorious fact that obstetrics
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are blunted and impaired — it is not, I say, unreasonable to infer that
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At Saint-Loup, department of Loir-et-Cher, of twenty-one persons
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General Hospital, alter the plan of Lister, of Edin-
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rienced serious attacks. In July of the same year, 1861, the
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* ^* Dublin Medical Press and London Lancet please copy.
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It is when diphtheria reaches the inside of the cheeks, that it has a